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New York Mobile Notary Service

New York Apostille Certification

New York Mobile Notary Service has been specializing in Apostille Certification (Authentication of documents for international use) and Document Legalization in New York for over 8 years.  The Apostille, is a French word meaning certification.  It is an instrument that many governments, foreign and domestic, use to certify that a document is genuine.  It is the legalization of a document for international use under the terms of the 1961 Hague Convention.  Countries around the world are adopting this validation procedure for its simplicity and worldwide acceptance. As a result of globalization, worldwide trade, and the internet the need for proper international documentation and application of an “apostille” are becoming much more prevalent in every day life.

Our clients trust us with the “apostilling” of their valuable documents because of our document processing experience (attorney driven company), turnaround time, superior customer service and document insurance.

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Apostille Processing Experience 

Since our inception, New York Mobile Notary has processed thousands of apostilles all over the world.  Our experience includes but is not limited to the following document types:

Academic Transcripts, Adoption Documents, Affadavits, Agreements, Assignments, Baptism and Confirmation Certificates,  Bills of Sale, Certificate of Origin, Certificates of Incorporation, Certificates of Good Standing, Certified Copies   Commercial Contracts, Corporate Documents,  Court Judgments, Deeds and Titles,  Diplomas, Invoices, Identity Documents, Letters of Intent, Letters of Invitation, Naturalization Documents, Notary Oaths, Passports, Power of Attorney, Trademarks and Patents, Vital Records including Birth, Death, Marriage, Paternity, and Divorce certificates, Wills etc., etc., etc.,

We are the only company operating in New York with a full time in house staff who can evaluate your document prior to obtaining an apostille.  Our skill level and past experience with similar documents, along with our long standing relationships with city, state and federal agencies enable us to ensure that documents have the proper verbiage and notarial wording to be apostilled.        

NY Apostille Turnaround Time (24-48 Hours) 
We are able to complete an apostille assignment quicker than anyone. Our staff are first on line at county clerks offices throughout the city each day and remain until all of our work is processed. We then hand deliver all documents to the recipients or Fedex if the recipients are not located in New York.  

Customer Service

From arriving to your office or home, in suit and tie, to properly notarize and receive your documents to delivering the completed apostille New York Mobile will provide you with updates and answers to your concerns every step of the way.   

Document Insurance

Our clients need to know that their documents are covered in the event of a loss, or damage.  This occurrence is extremely rare but we do maintain liability insurance for this possibility.  Please inquire for policy amounts etc. 

We have given a brief simplified description below the required steps that must be taken for acquiring an apostille using our service.

New York Apostille Procedure-

  • New York Mobile Notary Service inspects the document. We can do this by having the document faxed to us or meeting at a location of your choosing.  
  • We then properly notarize the document of if it has already been notarized we check that it has been done correctly.
  • We transport the document and it never leaves our chain of command throughout the whole process.
  • The documents are then validated by the Qualifying County Administrators office after the signature card of the notary has been checked and the signature verified.
  • An authentication Certificate is then issued and attached to the document.
  • This document is then further inspected by the appropriate division of the Secretary of States office.  
  • An apostille or certification is then added to the document.
  • We either return the completed document to you personally or ship it via courier service with a tracking number.
The safe keeping of the document is insured under our company liability policy.  Also our turnaround time is anywhere between 3 to 5 days upon receipt of the document.  Although these procedures are largely administrative, they are quite burdensome and require knowledge of procedural rules, that if not followed, can lead to document rejection and this can be an expensive failure.

We believe our apostille service is the fastest and most professional available.  New York Mobile Notary Service Clients include banks, financial service firms, brokerages, law firms, immigration attorneys, schools, colleges and universities and individuals. Our service saves both a tremendous amount of time and money and probably as important peace of mind knowing that vital documents are being properly prepared for international use by professionals.  To determine the specific requirements for your document to either be Apostilled or Legalized as well as the associated fees give us a call. 

Call us today for your New York Apostille Needs!

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