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New York Mobile Notary Service , Airline Emergency Services

Procedure for Airline Boarding Letter of Permission

New York Mobile Notary Service offers Emergency Airline Notarization for “One Parent – Minor Child” boarding denial situations. Many airlines require the Notarized permission of the Child’s other parent for you to board the plane. This requirement is to help protect the child from “kidnapping” by a parent or other individual. Keep in mind that the airline is protecting the child.
You need a Notarized Statement from the Non-Flying parent giving permission for you to take the minor child on the plane. Often the requirement for this document was not communicated when the trip was booked, as in electronic ticket purchase at a web site. Whatever the reason, you now need a very fast and experienced Notary Service to get you and the child on the plane.
If the flight leaves in 10 minutes little can be done. However, if there are two or so hours prior to take off, there is a good chance that you and the child will be able to board the plane. Follow these instructions very carefully.
First, speak to the person at the ticket counter, the one who asked you for the Notarized statement. Tell then you can have a Verifiable, Website and Yellow Pages listed professional Notary Service FAX the required notarized document directly to the ticket counter or “back office”. The Notary will also send the original signed and embossed statement via regular mail to the airline. YOU will need to obtain the Fax machine number, Airline Mailing Address, and the phone number and name of the person at the ticket counter. Unless the person at the flight counter is willing to accept a fax (most do as we are verifiable professional notaries), the other spouse, after getting the document Notarized will have to proceed to the ticket counter. Confirm that the sample statement below is acceptable to the airline.
Next, contact the other spouse. Explain the situation. They will have to take a Taxi to the Notary’s location in
Manhattan, WITH their driver’s license or passport as identification.  Also required will be the name of the child and the flight information and destination.
When the non-flying spouse/guardian arrives at the Notary location, a Non Flying Spouse / Guardian Permission Affidavit for Minor Child to Travel is completed. The Non Flying person will be required to provide a copy of their positive Photo ID. The Notary will then notarize the form; then faxes the form to the Airline fax number provided to the notary. Lastly, the notary mails the original signed form to the address provided to the notary for delivery to the Airline by regular mail.  Everything prior to the words “State of
New York” must be completely filled  (if you printed out the form) or ALL the information made available to the notary in writing.

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