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Notary by the Hour

Over the years Mobile Notary services has been asked to provide a Notary or multiple Notaries for special assignments.

Some of these assignments include:

Political Campaign, Company going Public, Class Action Lawsuit, Approval of an Agreement by members of a Cop Op or Condo, on call or waiting for a High Profile Executive, Long Distance travel to a Key Person or the Notarization of thousands of Documents

In all the cases above, we were able to provide a Notary Public or Multiple Notaries for an extended period of time from several hours to a few days. We are one of the only companies with the roster of Notaries to handle these type of assignments. The price per hour is very competitive and having a Notary at location affords the signers the freedom and luxury of signing at their convenience. This Notary by the hour service is very popular with Political Campaigns, Law Firms, Real Estate Companies and Executive Assistants.