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Academic Recorder

The request for Certified Copies of college degrees, diplomas, transcripts and other educational documents for international use have become commonplace in today's society. Employers, universities, adoption agencies and other entities require these documents to verify credentials. These documents must be certified according to the rules and regulations of the recipient countries consulate and embassies requirements. Those countries who are participants of the Hague Convention require an apostille and those countries not a participant of the Hague Convention require consular legalization.

The proper procedure for obtaining a Certified Copy of an educational document includes the following elements:

Certified Copy issued by the Educational Institution, Sworn statement issued by the Registrar or Authorized Official that the document is valid and describes the attached document in detail, a live signature that must be handwritten not imprinted or a stamp, flawless notarization including an affidavit, jurat statement and venue, authentication certificate by the appropriate county official and apostille attached by the Department of State. In the case of legalization, the document may also need to go to the US Department of State in Washington DC and the recipient countries consulate or embassy for legalization.

Oftentimes various county clerks will also accept an attached sworn statement by a student that his/her copy of their diploma/transcript is a valid photocopy and the certification process is initiated. Over the years recipient organizations have become weary of this method and have not accepted these documents because individuals certifying their own records are not as reliable as third party verification.

The global community of commercial and educational institutions have been deluged with the phenomenon of "credential fraud". This includes false application information, forgeries, counterfeiting, bogus and fraudulently formatted transcripts, diplomas for sale on the internet, identity theft etc. (Please view the attached article) Institutions requesting these documents must have valid proof that the documents they are receiving are valid, authentic and reliable. This "peace of mind" regarding the validity of educational documents for international use goes to the core and fabric of international commerce.

Our company Global Document Expeditors has designed an "educational document validation certifier" which is a device (35 pounds) that when used on educational documents gives the recipients the "peace of mind" knowing that the documents are authentic. Our patent pending technology imprints the required verbiage directly on the document itself as opposed to simply stapling a photocopied diploma or transcript to an accompanying letter issued and sign by the bursars or registrars representative.

The unique features of our "certifier" provide users and recipients with huge benefits by ensuring the validity of educational documents. The features include:

Multi Colored Ink- Our certifier produces a multi colored ink - 4 colors in a rainbow of black, red, green and blue ink. It creates an unmistakable impression unique to the document.

Bleed through inking- The ink on our "certifying machine" will bleed through the paper, as printers and copiers do not do this, and the resulting impression will help insure that the document being used is an original.

Embossed lettering- Our powerful stamp makes a slight embossing or immaseration of the words on the document, which can be felt by hand. This extra feature will again insure that the document is an original as printers and copiers do not produce this.

Aside from the security features mentioned above, we have also gone through great lengths to ensure that the proper and legal required wording will be used on documents. Having consulted a law professional, the wording on our "validation certifier" is accepted and approved in all sixty-three counties of the State of New York.

Our "educational document validation certifier" system of ensuring such authenticity is currently only available through a very few schools and universities, and from no other company but the Mobile Notary Service. Such exclusivity allows the receiving entity to feel secure that this security feature cannot be replicated and duplicated by another fraudulent user. We can provide a notary stamp with tamper resistant qualities that no other notary in the United States can offer. making sure that every individual and institution feels comfortable with the documents they receive, and secure that they are authentic, and original documents, issued and/or signed off by the proper authorities and custodians of these documents. the recipient of the document can feel safe that the issuing institution has entrusted us with preserving the dignity of their records. The unmatched level of certifying your documents will leave the recipient of your document without any doubt that your document is authentic, original and true.