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New York Domestic Partnership  Services

New York Mobile Notary Service is Proud to have notarized some of the first Domestic Partnerships issued in New York City. Being The Most diversified Notary Service in New York has advantages. Our broad spectrum of services includes Notarization, Fingerprinting, Apostille processing in addition to our Flagship Product: Domestic Partnership Processing.


A Domestic Partnership is a serious and profound decision. There are both Legal and Emotional considerations. We can help guide you thru the registration procedures and ease some of the procedural related emotional trauma. Having processed dozens of Domestic Partnerships, we know the ropes.

We have the necessary forms. It’s actually a bit more than a form, it’s a sheet of cardboard issued by the City of New York. We save you a trip and bring the forms to you. We then notarize them at your location. A second copy is prepared for you to keep, as one copy is filed with the City of New York.
Our specially equipped notaries carry a Massive embossing machine to seal (to press thru the cardboard) in addition to decorative gold foil seals. We provide directions to file one copy with the appropriate city agency. The other copy optionally can be mounted in our custom wall/desk display frame. An optional service is to photograph the Partners with their newly notarized Domestic Partnership Agreement.
Most of our Domestic Partnership business is conducted in private residences after working hours. That’s fine with us, the traffic is less and we hate to have to carry that heavy embosser on the subway! Give us a call to schedule an appointment when you are ready to make the big step. You will find understanding and intelligence at both ends of the telephone connection.

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        Domestic Partnership Services 

  • Our Flagship Product “Basic Service” includes 2 Domestic Partnership forms, notarizations at your location and complete filing instructions.
  • Custom Frame
  • Laminated Plaque – as with Diplomas, Medical Degrees, etc.
  • Full roll of 24 photos developed and printed and mailed to your location

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